Products and Tools

We work with our partners and clients to develop products and tools designed to meet the needs of the public health workforce. Our goal is to build capacity with convenient, up to date, and high quality resources for the field.

The following are a sampling of free online courses and downloadable tools created by our Centers.  Note: By clicking on the links below, you will be taken to the websites of our dedicated Centers, DTTAC and TTAC.

For more examples, visit the DTTAC and TTAC websites. Also, contact us to explore how we can create unique online courses and toolkits for your organization.       

Online Courses   

Basics of Tobacco Control (BOTC) - Pathway to Change

This is a comprehensive web-based orientation to tobacco control that includes information, strategies, and tools to help individuals and local, state, and national organizations with their tobacco control efforts.

Community Health Workers

This online course featuring expert instructors describes how Community Health Workers can play an important role in the prevention and control of chronic diseases, especially among populations that have disparities in health.

External Partnerships

This online course led by expert instructors explores the role of partnerships with the business community in the application of evidence-based public health policies, practices and programs.

Health Systems

This online course featuring expert instructors focuses on recent refinements to the Planned Care Model to better meet the needs of the patients and families, including the patient centered medical home approach.

Learning Center

This is an interactive primer on tobacco control advocacy and coalition building.

Making Health Communication Strategies Work for Your Program

This online course featuring expert instructors provides a framework for planning and evaluating health communication activities that are grounded in the day-to-day realities of public health program work.   

Power of Proof: An Evaluation Primer

This basic guide to evaluation planning provides background information about evaluation as well as guidance on evaluation planning, writing evaluation objectives, collecting data, stages of evaluation, interpreting evaluation data, and reporting results.               

Downloadable Toolkits

Addressing Tobacco Pricing Policies: A Toolkit for Tobacco Control Program Managers

This toolkit provides practical advice and tools to reduce tobacco use through pricing strategies.

College Tobacco Prevention Resource

This website provides practical information, ideas, and guidance to college leaders involved with tobacco prevention.

Developing Smokefree Implementation Regulations (DSIR)

A web-based toolkit created by TTAC, and funded by a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Rapid Response Grant administered by the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. DSIR was designed to help health departments and others in the public health community draft and adopt regulations to implement smokefree laws.

LGBT Populations and Tobacco, 2nd edition

Released in 2004, this is a presentation on tobacco use in the LGBT community and targeted prevention strategies.

Reaching Higher Ground: A Guide For Preventing, Preparing For, And Transforming Conflict For Tobacco Control Coalitions

This guide provides practical advice for ways of working in coalitions and partnerships that resolve real problems while strengthening relationships. The tools and strategies described in this document can make any collaborative undertaking more successful by approaching problems and people in ways that impart dignity and respect.

Tobacco 101

This self-guided web-based tutorial provides the information and resources necessary to understand the problems related to tobacco use and the strategies that effectively reduce tobacco use.