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Surveillance and Evaluation Webinar Series

The Surveillance and Evaluation webinar series provides information on evaluation best and promising practices and describes the role of evaluation in tobacco control work. The series was originally designed for state surveillance and evaluation staff, but the material covers a variety of interesting and emerging topics in surveillance and evaluation that are valuable to other public health professionals. Each presentation consists of a lecture followed by a question and answer session.

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2019 Webinar Archive

Creating Infographics and Fact Sheets – Tools, Resources, and the Design Process

Webinar - 60 minutes / Level: Beginner

August 15, 2019


Nola du Toit, PhD, Senior Research Methodologist, NORC at the University of Chicago


Webinar Recording

Slides (PDF)

Handout: Sample Infographic - Youth (PDF)

Handout: Sample Infographic - Policy Makers (PDF)

Integrating Youth Tobacco Surveys with State-Level Youth Risk Behavior Surveys

Webinar - 60 minutes / Level: Beginner/Intermediate

June 27, 2019


Nancy Brener, PhD, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH)

Shari Shanklin, MPH, MT (ASCP), CDC, DASH

Christine Boyd, MPH, Maryland Department of Health, Center for Tobacco Prevention and Control


Webinar Recording

Slides (PDF)

Leveraging GIS and Store Mapping Tools to Depict and Address Disparities

Webinar - 70 minutes / Level: Intermediate

May 30, 2019


Mollie Mayfield, MPH, Counter Tools

Brittany Chatman, MHA, FCCM, Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida

Ron Davis, MS, Bureau of Tobacco Free Florida

Lindsay Kephart, MPH, Massachusetts Department of Public Health


Webinar Recording

Slides (PDF)

Evaluating Tobacco 21 Policies

Webinar - 60 minutes / Level: Intermediate

May 2, 2019


Ermion Pierre, MPH, RN and Emily Moores, BS, Maine Tobacco Control Program

Tam Vuong, MPH and Xueying Zhang, MD, MPH, MS, California Tobacco Control Program 


Webinar Recording

Evaluation of California’s ‘Tobacco 21’ law - Publication in Tobacco Control (PDF)

Slides (PDF)

Evaluating Multimodal Quitline Services: Assessing Reach, Utilization, and Outcomes

Webinar - 60 minutes / Level: Advanced

April 4, 2019


Laura Beebe, PhD, Professor, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

Julie Rainey, Vice President, Professional Data Analysts, Inc.


Maria Rudie, MPH, Research Manager, North American Quitline Consortium


Webinar Recording

Slides (PDF)

2018 Webinar Archive

Topics included:

Evaluation of Your State's Telephone Quitline: Approaches from Two States

State Youth Tobacco Survey (YTS) - SAS Implementation of Data Processing, Weighting and Analysis

Disparities in Tobacco Product Use

New and Emerging Tobacco Products: Considerations for Epidemiology and Surveillance

Evaluating the Flavored Tobacco and Menthol Cigarettes Campaign in California

Evaluating Interventions to Curb ENDS Use Among Utah Youth

Effective Reporting

Eliminating Exposure to Secondhand Smoke: 2017 Updates to Outcome Indicators

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2017 Webinar Archive

Topics included:

Using GIS in Tobacco Control

Visualizing Data in Microsoft Office

Data Visualization Tools and Resources

Intentional Data Visualization

Data Translation in an Evolving Landscape

Evaluating NYC’s Sensible Tobacco Enforcement and Tobacco 21 Laws

Evaluating the Health Impacts of Smoke-Free Policies in Multiunit Housing in Colorado

Creating Impactful and Captivating Stories

Addressing Health Inequities through Community Engagement and Evaluation

Methods for Conducting Economic Analysis for Tobacco Prevention and Control

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2016 Webinar Archive

Topics included:

Tracking Comprehensive Cessation Coverage for Insured Populations

Social Media and Tobacco 21

Smoking Cessation Among Populations with Lower Socioeconomic Status

Conducting Policy Evaluations: Tobacco Control Examples from Oregon & Massachusetts

National Quitline Data Warehouse (NQDW): Changes to Data Collection in 2016

Success Stories: Combining Storytelling and Data to Show Your Program’s Impact

New Developments in LGBTQ Data Measures

Improving the Evaluation Process Using Systems Thinking

Return on Investment, Costs & Cost-Effectiveness: Terms and Applications

Promoting Quitting Among Adults and Young People - 2015 Updates to Outcome Indicators

Evaluating Earned, Social, and Digital Media Campaigns

Developing the Evaluation Plan for State-Based Tobacco Control Programs

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2015 Webinar Archive

Topics included:

Resources to Evaluate Quitlines

Increasing School Participation in the Youth Tobacco Survey

The enhanced State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System

The Interactive Systems Framework

Overview of the New OSH "Tobacco Use Data Portal"

The Use and Development of Success Stories: Examples from Tribal Communities

TIPS Campaign Impact on Quitlines

The Gritty World of Granular Disparity Data

Methods for Evaluating Your Partnership or Coalition

Get to Know the Evaluators' Network - Where Collaboration and Information Thrive

Policy Evaluation

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2014 Webinar Archive

Topics included:

Social Media Monitoring & Evaluation

Collaborating with Cross-Chronic Disease Prevention and Control Programs

Building Capacity Through Public Health Infrastructure

Linking Indicators, Performance Measures and Work Plan

Developing an Evaluation Plan

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2013 Webinar Archive

Topics included:

Social Media Evaluation

Data Visualization

Group Concept Mapping for Program Planning, Action Management, and Evaluation

Smoke-free Multi-Unit Housing Evaluation

How to Choose a Journal, Negotiate Author Issues, and Get Your Paper Ready to Submit

Adult Smoking, Focusing on People with Mental Illness

First Steps toward Basic Scientific Writing

Transforming the Retail Landscape for Tobacco Products

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2012 Webinar Archive

Topics included:

New State Appropriation, Grants, and Expenditure Data in the STATE System

Findings from the 2012 Surgeon General’s Report: Preventing Tobacco Use Among Youth and Young Adults

The Component Model of Infrastructure (CMI): Why does it matter?

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2011 Webinar Archive

Topics included:

Using GIS in Tobacco Control

Monitoring Retail Tobacco Marketing and its Impact on Youth

Making Your Survey Work for You

Economic Evaluation

The Economics of Tobacco Taxation

How to Write an Evaluation Plan

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2010 Webinar Archive

Topics included:

Evaluating the Impact of Clean Indoor Air Laws on Heart Attack Hospitalization Rates

The State Tobacco Activities Tracking and Evaluation (STATE) System

Tobacco Industry Monitoring: Expert Recommendations

Evaluating Media Campaigns

Evaluating and Improving Organizational Collaboration

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2004-2009 Webinar Archive

Topics included:

Quitline Evaluation

Process Evaluation: Building the Evidence Base

Surveillance, Epidemiology, and Evaluation in Tobacco Control

A Sustainability Model for State Tobacco Control

Cultural Competence And Health Evaluation

What Every Evaluator Should Know About Training

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