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Technical Assistance

The Emory Centers maintain an experienced staff as well as contacts with expert consultants available for on-site, telephone, and online assistance. Whatever the challenge, we work to meet the needs of the client by considering the nature of the assignment, the geographic region, cultural appropriateness, and client timeline sensitivities.

Our staff and consultants can offer expert technical assistance in a variety of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Coalition building – mobilizing communities to achieve systems, policy, and social norm change; establishing diverse coalitions and partnerships; membership recruitment, engagement and retention; organizational development and action planning; maintaining momentum; conflict resolution

  • Curriculum development and instructional design – developing competency-based professional development opportunities through toolkits for self-study, web-based courses, webinars, on-site training sessions, and coaching

  • Evaluation – developing an evaluation plan and using results to improve program process and outcomes

  • Event coordination – planning statewide and national training institutes that provide supportive, interactive learning opportunities to enhance the work of public health professionals and organizations

  • Group facilitation - serving as a neutral convener to keep discussions organized and participatory, and to ensure that all voices are heard and respected

  • Leadership and team development – facilitating organizational development or programmatic matters; providing practical insight into the dynamics of coalition and/or program relationships; decision-making; conflict resolution; creative thinking in cross-cultural contexts
  • Networking and information exchange – managing innovative communication systems, online learning communities, and networks to facilitate peer-to-peer information exchange among public health practitioners

  • Policy and systems change – assisting at every stage of policy involvement, from creating a policy agenda to building a united voice in support of policy priorities; making the transition from program delivery to policy advocacy; building competence on evidence-based policies

  • Strategic and action planning – engaging stakeholders; establishing a strategic direction (creating a vision, mission, goals, etc.); communicating the plan; developing an implementation plan and action steps

The Emory Centers cannot provide:

  • Grants or funding

Submit a technical assistance request

If you feel that the Emory Centers can be of assistance to your program, we invite you to complete and submit a Training and Technical Assistance Request Form, call us at 404-712-8474, or send us an email. Whether your request is basic or complex, we want to assist you. If you are unable to describe your exact requirements at this time, our staff can also help you define those needs. One of our staff members will respond to you promptly, review your request, and determine the next steps.